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Yumi and Gen Morita had learned Kai Igaku (Comfortable Medicine) under Dr. Ryosuke Uryu in Tokyo since 1990.  They have been together since 1998, teaching and practicing Harmonics Healing based on Kai Igaku of Japan.  After the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, they moved to Kailua Kona, HI, started practicing Harmonics Healing. Yumi is also Food As Medicine Specialist, reading clients body and cook special meals that are healing for the body.  Both Yumi and Gen are Master Rasur, certified trainers of Connection Practice.  Gen is a certified HeartMath Trainer. They both teach Non-Violent Communication, Connection Practice and Harmonics Healing. They grow vegetables and fruits in their backyard of Harmonics Life Center to lead more sustainable life for their health and the earth.

Gen Morita

 After studying "Kai Igaku" oriental medicine under Dr. Uryu in Tokyo, Japan, late 1980's, Gen traveled extensively giving seminars in many countries as a Kai Igaku oversea's director in 1990's. In 2001 he founded Harmonics Life Center in Chiba, Japan with his partner Yumi Kikuchi and they jointly developed their own Harmonics Healing from Kai Igaku. After moving to Kona, Hawaii in 2011, they created Harmonics Life Center Hawaii. He is a holistic medicine instructor/practitioner, translator/writer, rice farmer and currently a director of Hawaii College of Oriental Medicine based in Hilo.

Yumi Morita 
(writer's name: Yumi Kikuchi)

Born and raised in Tokyo. After working as a journalist and a bond trader, she became an environmentalist, then peace activist. Founded many NGOs: Monkey Bay Wildlife Fund, Clean Up Campaign (JEAN), Niji no Hebi (Plutonium Free Future), SAFE(Safe Alternative on Food and Environment), Harmonics Life Center, Global Peace Campaign,  Tokyo Peace Film Festival,  JUMP (Japan United for Ministry of Peace), Tsunagu Hikar (A relief project for Fukushima moms and children), Fukushima Kids Hawaii and Rasur Japan.  They grew most of what they eat and their children organically.  After 311, they moved Harmonics Life Center to Hawaii to promote sustainable lifestyle in the US which was her dream since year 2001. Published author/translator of dozen books, including bestselling "Addicted to War". 地球とハートでつながる

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