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Harmonics Healing Private Sessions and Trainings (effective as of Jun 1, 2019)

If you choose to heal yourself naturally, we can help you.  

Our private health consultation is $200 for the first session (up to 1 hour) and $150 from the second on.  

5 sessions package:  $700

10 sessions package:  $1,250

6 month private consultation program: $5,000.

1 year consultation program: $10,000

Practitioner Training: $200/hour

Introductory healing workshops $300 for 5 hours

To learn Harmonics Healing, attend 1 week intensive training for $2000

We believe that real living food is ultimate medicine and teach raw and fermented food preparation including delicious raw sweets using brown rice or buckwheat seeds .  For some people, learning Connectin Practice and NVC(Non-Violent Communication) could be the key to the mental or psychological healing as it enhances human connection.  


Harmonics Life Center's mission is to heal ourselves which eventually leads the healing of mother Earth.

Consultation and Workshops

Gen and Yumi are offering monthly introductory workshops in HICOM(Hilo) and Dragonfly Ranch (South Kona), classes and retreats at Harmonics Life Center.

2013 classes and retreats schedule is to be announced in their blogs. Private consultations are offered upon request. Call:808-334-9616 for making an appointment.  When you attend a workshop, the 1st consultation is 50% off.


Connection Practice/NVC

Yumi and Gen are Master Rasur, Certified Trainers of Connection Practice. They both share NVC in Japanese and English.  Yumi had been participating Leadership Programs of Bay NVC since 2010 to 2017 (when the program ended)  For them, sharing Connection Practice and NVC is peace making. Practicing empathic skills can reduce the stress from human relationship and to some people it is a key to healing.  At our Harmonics Healing retreat, Connection Practice and NVC basic skills are shared. 

Raw Food Preparation

One of the great advantages of Harmonics Life Center Hawaii is to have access to local organic fruits and vegetables all year round. Yumi enjoys creating new dishes using local organic ingredients.  Her raw food preparation classes are popular in Japan and Hawaii.  Raw or living food contain a lot of enzymes that are vital to our health and youthfulness.  Harmonics Life Center is an ideal place to practice raw and fermented food.


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